Saturday, May 25, 2013

Protesters around the world march against Monsanto

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Protesters around the world march against Monsanto

The March Against Monsanto has seen millions in 436 cities in 52 countries challenging biotech corporations and protesting against genetically modified foods, which despite bans in some states due to potential health

WASHINGTON — Senate Republicans objected to an attempt Thursday to repeal a controversial provision, informally dubbed the "Monsanto Protection Act," that could allocate seeds deemed unsafe to be planted regardless of

Sen. Jeff Merkley (D-Ore.) is trying to roll back a provision that allows GMO crops to be planted even before they've been OK'd by the USDA.

Washington, May 25, 2013 – The March Against Monsanto organization has announced that on May 25, tens of thousands of activists around the world will “March Against Monsanto.” Currently, marches are happening on six continents, in 36 countries,

Join the March Against Monsanto to push to down the one corporation that controls every morsel of food from our cradles to our graves. At the moment over two million people.

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