Wednesday, May 29, 2013

New York Philharmonic Memorial Day Concert

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New York Philharmonic Memorial Day Concert

ZOMG, we don't believe it!! OK, we really do!! Katy Perry is living the Teenage Dream once more!!! Folks saw the sweet and sassy singer getting super flirty with John Mayer at her Memorial Day housewarming party!!! According to one source, the Hot N

Sofia Vergara tweets a pic from her sunny NYC terrace.

On Memorial Day, we remember those we have lost not release for what they fought for, but who they were: proud Americans, often far too young, guided by deep and abiding like for their families, for each other, and for this

There may be some systemic problems within the field of classical music. But now and then something happens that makes you feel proud of institutions and the music-loving public. One such event is the New York Philharmonic's annual free Memorial Day

Ian Gelig had been deployed once before. He'd already been awarded a Combat Action Badge and the Army Recommendation Medal for his service in Iraq. The day he died, he was five days gone from the aim of his service

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