Friday, May 24, 2013

Game|Life Podcast Ponders the Cloud-Based Future of Xbox One

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Game|Life Podcast Ponders the Cloud-Based Future of Xbox One

Microsoft seemingly to take cut on used Xbox One game sales. Each sale of a used Xbox One game will profit Microsoft and the original publisher, at least according to U.K. gaming news site MCV. Lance Whitney. by Lance Whitney. May 24, 2013 5:40 AM

Microsoft has exposed its new Xbox, the successor to the Xbox 360. It's a next-generation console, with plenty of power under the hood, but it's al..

Microsoft touts the Xbox One as the all-in-one entertainment system. It plays games, streams video from all the major streaming services, and works with your current cable box. It does it all. But why do we still call for a cable box if the Xbox one is

It's that time of decade again. Time for a new Xbox. It took four years for Microsoft to go from the original Xbox to the Xbox 360. The transition from Xbox 360 to the newly announced Xbox One will take right around 8 years, and

At the start of a brew party that was to aim an exciting, bewildering and when all’s said and done odd day at Microsoft's Redmond campus, I approached Microsoft v.p. Aaron Greenberg. Hell of a introduction day for the Xbox One, I told him. Some impressive stuff, some

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