Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Google Now Launches on iOS via Google Search App

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Google Now Launches on iOS via Google Search App

The duel started Monday with the release of a free iPhone and iPad app that facial appearance Google Now, a technology that performs loads of of the same functions as Siri. It's the first time that Google Now has been available on smartphones and tablet computers

Last month, Google briefly leaked a video showing that its information aggregation tool Google Now would be coming to iOS. Several weeks later,

A loud-and-apparent demonstration of Google's and Apple's differing mobile strategies.

When it comes to major news, we didn't expect to hear much from Google in the run-up to I/O, but clearly, the company just couldn't wait that long.

Google just released Google Now for iOS through an update to the Google Search app for iOS. Google maintains that the service is exactly the same as Google Now on Android, though certain flourishes like swiping upward to launch the application sadly

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